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Beowulf Crossword

Miss Jager

1 2       3    
4     5
        6 7
8                           9    
  12           13                  
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    23 24        
26             27

1.This is the King of the Danes; the man that build the mead-hall.
8.When there is a repetition of consonant sounds at the beginning of the words, it is called this. (Hint: Harry Potter)
9.Beowulf keeps this part of Grendel as a trophy.
11.At the end, Beowulf's people burn him and place his ashes in this type of building.
12.Good vs Evil, Life and Death are both examples of this.
15.A comparison between two or more things that uses 'like' or 'as' is this type of figurative language.
17.The civilization of the Britons was called this.
20.The Dragon was guarding this.
21.This is the Mead-Hall that the Danish king built.
22.Beowulf belongs, and later leads, this group of people.
23.Grendel terrorized the Danes for these many years prior to his death.
26.It was these many years between the Battle with Grendel and Beowulf's last battle.
28.There must be this type of character in an epic poem.
2.This empire invaded the British Isles in 55 BC
3.She is the only female character in the excerpts we read in class.
4.Beowulf was originally told in this manner.
5.Beowulf fights Grendel alone and in this manner.
6.This civilization was driven to Scotland by the Romans.
7.During the Anglo-Saxon period, the Britons that resisted were sent to this area (country) that means "foreigner" or "enemy" in Anglo-Saxon.
10.Grendel represents this Universal Idea.
13.In order for a story to be an epic poem, the plot must be complicated by this.
14.Beowulf is this type of literature.
16.This man is Grendel's earliest ancestor.
18.Beowulf was originally written in this language.
19.This man is the "gray-bearded lord."
24.Beowulf leaves his people to this man.
25.The Anglo-Saxons place a lot of belief in fate, or this word.
27.Many scholars believe that "Beowulf" was written by this type of a man.

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