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Mrs. Worth

1 2 3 4
    8   9    
11     12   13      
14   15                      
16           17          

5.the stratosphere is the atmospheric layer above the
7.the lowest layer of the atmosphere, in which temperature drops at a constant rate as altitude increases
9.argon, carbon dioxide, water vapor, and others make up the last ___%
10.the layer of the atmosphere, that lies immediately above the troposphere
12.layer of Earth between the crust and the core
14.highest layer of the atmosphere is
16.thin outermost layer of the solid Earth is called the
17.the second most abundant gas in the atmosphere
18.transfer of energy through space
1.the part of Earth that contains the air we breathe is called the
2.a mountain built from magma
3.the pieces that compose the lithosphere (2 Words)
4.a molecule made up of three oxygen atoms
6.the atmospheric layer above the stratosphere
8.break in Earth’s crust
11.the narrow layer of Earth where life-supporting conditions exist is called the
13.the most abundant gas in Earth’s atmosphere is
15.the removal and transport of surface material by wind and water is called

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