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Interwars Years and cause of the WW2

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2.Japan formed an ______ with Nazi Germans in the 1940's
4.Hitler's political party
5.Who served as the Prime Minister for the longest time during the second World War
8.When a bigger country extends their rule or power over a smaller one
11.What does the R in R.A.F stand for?
14.Debt that Germany owed
15.The main reason that Italy wanted to invade Abyssinia
16.The treaty of _______ was signed on the 28th of June
17.In 1929, the stock market crashed. The name given to this day was ______ Tuesday
18.In 1936 the ___________ civil war began
1.Name of Hitler's book published in July the 18th. "____ Kampf"
3.On April the 28th the ________ of nations was founded/formed
5.What race was almost wiped out by the biggest party in Germany
6.On the 1930's who became the dictator of Germany
7.Japan invaded________ in China on the 18th of September
9.Egypt and Ireland gained______ from the U.K in the 1920's
10.The _____ plan was created on the 7th June to help aid Germany with their huge payment
12.Another word for "Prime Minister"
13.In the 1920's this decade was named the _________ Twenties
19.What year did WW2 start?

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