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Java Logic

1     2  
3                     4  
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      14 15         16

1.class with this keyword cannot be inherited
3.A class which allows primitive data types to be accessed as objects
5.A method invoked at the time of object creation
6.default layout of Frame
10.Default package in Java
12.An object that generates an event
15.It is the base class of all classes in java
17.method used to synchronize one thread after another
19.cannot be extended
2.A class which is an empty implementation of all methods in a event listener class
4.class scope variable
7.A combination of data and code
8.A Pointer which refers to instance variables
9.a native driver which supports C Language
10.output generator
11.a non resizable data structure
13.a collection entity which does not allow duplication
14.A dynamic and interactive program that runs on a java enabled browser
16.handles method related exceptions
18.it contains tools like javac

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