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2.It, in __________, doesn´t holp up as well as our long-term memory does.
6.Long-term memory refers to things that we experienced a considerable time ago and that form the core of our knowledge of ourselves. Short-term memory can be called "working" memory-the type we use in everyday activity. It is involved in processing such things as phone numbers, names of new people we meet, and email addresses. As we grow older, our long-term memory holds up remarkably well. ______, we are able to remember the vacation we took at the age of 10 to Everglades National Park and the alligators we saw there.
7.How does memory work, and what can we do to improve it? I was worried about memory loss on my part; _________, I decided to do some research into the problem. Here´s what I learned.
1.__________, things have been happening to our short-term memory.
3._________ of this, we may have difficulty remembering people´s names right after we meet them or remembering someone´s phone number we´ve heard only twice. Memory problems are generally short´term memory problems.
4._______, let´s distinguish between two types of memory, long-term and short-term.
5.Have you ever had this experience? You´re with a friend, and suddenly up walks somebody you´ve known for a long time. You want to introduce this person to your friend. ____________, just as you say, "Nancy, I´d like you to meet....," your mind goes blank, and you can remember the person´s name.
6.I´ts embarrasing and maybe a little worrisome. I wouldn´t be too concerned, _________, for it´s also very common. As we get older, we tend to become more forgetfull, especially of things we´ve experienced recently.

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