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Unit I -Elements and Principles

Mrs. Clair

This puzzle reviews the elements and principles of design with a focus on pattern

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3.An element of art that represents the positive and negative areas. It also creates a feeling of depth
6.A principle of design that shows a large difference between two things or elements, for example; white and black, small and large
8.The element that refers to how the surface appears or looks like it feels
10.When you draw on a flat surface or create a rubbing this type of texture is created
11.This is a principle which refers to a sense of movement created when visual elements repeat
12.This pattern is created by using a mirror image of the motif both in rows and columns (2 Words)
14.These types of shapes or forms are free-flowing and found in nature.
15.An element of design that is an area enclosed by a line and is 2 dimensional.
17.This is a type of balance in which both sides of a composition are visually balanced yet different
18.The basic unit used to create a pattern
19.These colors create a sense of warmth and happiness (2 Words)
23.This is a type of balance where both sides of a composition are the same
24.A principle that referes to the area in an artwork where the viewer's eye is drawn to first
25.The 7 building blocks of a art. (3 Words)
1.These shapes can be named, have measureable sides, and are made with precision
2.An element of design that refers to objects that have 3 dimensions
4.The principle which uses a motif in a planned precise manner
5.A principle that helps keep your art interesting and not boring
7.These are patterns that lower each row half the height of the row above it (2 Words)
9.These help organize the elements in a composition (3 Words)
13.This type of pattern is created by chance without a set order
16.This principle refers to a feeling of wholeness. All parts of the piece work together in harmony.
20.This is a type of pattern and balance where the images branches out from a central point
21.The element that refers to the lightness or darkness of a gray or color
22.This element has 4 properties: length, width, direction, and surface quality

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