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Analysis of Function

kevin Jean Jacques

Analysis of Function

1 2         3         4                   5
9                 10  
  12 13      
17               18          

1.An expression of the highest degree that divides each term of the polynomial
6.Algebraic expression containing two or more terms that aern't like terms
8.a method of writing numbers as the product of two factors were the 1st factors a number greater than or equal to one, but less than 10
9.The symbol√ is used to represent the square root of a number
11.Processw of writing a polynomial as a product of two or more polynomials
14.States that the product of two binomials or trinomials is the sum of the product of the first, outer, inner, last.
15.the distance the number is from 0
16.The set of all x- coordiantes of the ordered pairs of that relation
17.The quantity under the square root symbol or radical symbol
18.Is the point (0,0) on a graph were your x and y axis cross
19.is the least common multiple of two or more fractions
2.Expression of the form were Pand Q are nonzero polynomials
3.A pair of numbers of variables pared together
4.An algebraic expression containing one term
5.Process which a fraction containing radicals in the denominator is rewritten to have only rational numbers in the denominator
7.A single term or the sum of two or more terms containing variables whole number exponets
10.A polynomial with three terms
12.is a fracion that has one or more rational expressions in the numerator and or denominator
13.A member of a set, a point, line, or plane, or angle of a triangle

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