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Test Crossword

1     2   3
  5 6    
  7 8     9     10      
17                 18
22   23            
    25       26    
27                 28        
29       30        

1.A woman who made it to the chess top-10 by FIDE rating
8.The World Chess Champion has died undefeated.
11.Country of origin of chess
13.Won more Russian champion titles than anyone else
14.Won 17 Olympic chess medals and played in the Candidates Final at age 62
16."Pawns are the soul of chess" - author
17.Patriarch of the Soviet Chess
19.Played more games against Kasparov than anyone else
21.First woman in history to earn the GM title
23.This country won the Chess Olympiad (Open) in 2012
24.A person who pads a handicap or acts as if he is at a lower skill level than he actually is so he can achieve better during competition
25.Winner of Chess Oscar-2011
27.Highest-rated chess player ever
28.He has written more chess books than anyone else
29.World Chess Federation is also known as
30.Most popular chess website in the world - *****.com
2.Runner-up at the World Chess Championship-2012
3.Rapper, member of Wu-Tang Clan, avid fan of chess
4.One of the epithet-names of Vassily Ivanchuk
5.A poor or amateurish chess player
6.Time trouble
7.A famous illusionist & also the name of a chess engine
9.She is known as "Chess Queen"
10.The first player from the USA to break Bobby Fischer's rating record
12.This country has more grandmasters than any other
15.Highest professional title in chess
18.Name of the prize awarded to the best female chess player
20.Oldest living chess grandmaster in the world
22.Youngest GM ever
26.A common chess tactic; can also be used for cooking

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