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Moses and Pharaoh

Bruce Prince

God used Moses and Aaron to warn Pharaoh that God would cause a number of disasters if he chose to not let the Israelites leave Egypt.

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4.Each family was instructed to paint the blood of a lamb on this
5.God's chosen person to lead His people out of Egypt
9.The water in the River Nile was changed into this
11.Each family, not protected by the blood on the doorframe, lost this
12.The country where the Israelites lived for 430 years
13.Small balls of ice that fall from the sky
14.The name given to an annual event that remembers when Israel was brought out of Egypt
15.He accompanied Moses every time he went to see Pharaoh
16.Time when the angel of death would commence his work
18.Painful skin eruptions that ooze pus
19.Small biting, blood-sucking insects
1.They were everywhere - in the houses, bedrooms, even the beds!
2.A jumping, flying insect that eats everything in its path
3.The total number of plagues
6.An animal that was killed, cooked, and eaten quickly before the Passover
7.The total absence of light
8.The Israelites were told to eat the Passover meal in this way
10.The type of bread eaten at the Passover meal
14.The God-caused events designed to get Pharaoh to let God's people go
17.The area in Egypt where the Israelites lived

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