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Lab Equipment

Riley Krueger

1 2 3 4 5
  6   7                
          8                     9
            11   12  
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19                         20     21          
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  27                         28       29
30 31                
  32             33                   34    
35                     36                            
    37               38                
    39                       40        

7.Used for lighting the bunsen burners
8.Used for holding heated beakers (2 Words)
10.Used for grabbing small things and things you can't touch
13.Used for burning things
16.Used for holding and drying multiple test tubes (3 Words)
19.Sphere shaped, used for estimating liquid volume (2 Words)
22.Used for comparing solutions (2 Words)
23.Used for accurately weighing things (2 Words)
24.Used for holding small things on the ring stand like test tubes (2 Words)
26.Used for holding things on the ring stand (2 Words)
27.Used for heating small amounts of liquid (3 Words)
32.Used for evaporating solutions (2 Words)
35.Used for holding heated objects, clear (2 Words)
36.Used for cleaning test tubes and beakers (3 Words)
37.Used to test the acidity of substances (2 Words)
38.Used for holding liquids
39.Used for cutting glass (2 Words)
41.Used for dispensing liquid accurately
42.Used for eye protection
43.Used for holding crucibles (2 Words)
1.Used for measuring temperature in C°
2.Used for holding large quantities of water (2 Words)
3.Used for transporting small amounts of liquid
4.Used to hold the Buret easier (2 Words)
5.Used for holding distilled water (3 Words)
6.Used for covering test tubes
7.Used for scooping fine solids
9.Used for holding items to be weighed (2 Words)
11.Used for holding hot test tubes (3 Words)
12.Used over Bunsen burners for holding crucibles (2 Words)
14.Used for precisely measuring liquids (2 Words)
15.Used for holding a Bunsen burner and clamps (2 Words)
17.Used on the end of a stirring rod for scraping things (2 Words)
18.Cone shaped, used for estimating volume (2 Words)
20.Used for creating flame (2 Words)
21.Used for grinding solids (3 Words)
25.Used to set hot things on (2 Words)
28.Container used for precise liquid measurement (2 Words)
29.Used for transferring liquids (2 Words)
30.Used to move water in and out of pipet (2 Words)
31.Used for transferring solids and stirring (2 Words)
33.Used for holding small amounts of liquids and mixing substances when closed (2 Words)
34.Used for stirring (2 Words)
35.Used for holding evaporating dishes, beakers, etc. over bunsen burners (2 Words)
40.Used for funneling liquids and fine solids

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