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RV Review Weeks 1 - 5


Name & # ___________________________________

Use your reading journal or book to review all the robust vocabulary words from this year! Good Luck!

1 2
3   4                  
    6                 7
9                 10    
      11       12       13
17                         18            
  19                   20   21
22     23        
  24   25         26
27     28                 29       30      
    34           35                  

4.She took my homework and threw it away.
5.If you know all about car engines you are this.
6.He wears shorts and cowboy boots wherever he goes.
9.The cafeteria is used mostly for eating.
11.I was ____ with the flu and could not stop vomiting.
14.Ok, I will eat those nasty, smelly green beans.
15.He was the server in 4-square for 3-days.
16.impressive and draws a lot of attention.
17.Someone who tooted in church feels this way.
18.A look that makes you want to yell or fight.
19.The athlete felt this way after tripping in the race at the Olympics.
23.You cannot get my hands of the safety bar of the roller coaster.
25.Epic fail.
27.I would do anything to see that concert!
29.He began crying because the sadness did this to him.
31.Again, again, again, again! Now, now, now, now!
32.This lets you know I am not serious about my words.
33.She was doing this before skydiving.
34.That dude is warm and friendly to everyone.
35.I would be this if that happened to me.
36.Flash floods often make roads this.
1.Dude, I am so cool; you don't even know!
2.The weekly weather forecast is this.
3.It was so hot out, the rain did not even ___ me.
7.Buckeye is located here in relation to Phoenix.
8.I cannot wait to get this crossword finished!
10.This is how a drama queen does everything!
12.I'll pay you $5 if you do this for me.
13.A smile and a hug could prove someone felt this way.
20.When it comes to college, I have these for you.
21.If you have to do it right this very second, or else!
22.I cannot believe you treated my like your servant!
24.I guess I'll do it; I don't want to, but I will for you. If you really want me to.
26.You do this to your voices during a test or quiz.
28.I am firmly against that rule!
30.Rosa Parks did this, so did MLK Jr. and Ghandi.

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