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So You Think You Know Springdale

Judy Rosella Edwards

Based on posts on Underground@Springdale (http://springdale.blogpeoria.com)and the Springdale Cemetery, Peoria, Illinois, website, let's do some history!

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6.Who “died for baseball” and is buried in the South Bend section of Springdale Cemetery?
7.Sometimes when someone died during cold weather, their body was stored in the __________ receiving vault at Springale.
14.What does OPL stand for?
15.One of the people lived longest before being buried in Springdale, was reportedly 108 years old when he died. His name was Abraham _______.
18.Funerals for those who died outside of Peoria were sometimes held in what station?
21.What Director of the Department of Public Works and Buildings for the State of Illinois is buried in Springdale? Leslie Don _______
22.Dozens of former residents of what nearby asylum are buried in Springdale?
23.What was the last name of “F.O” who served on the 3-member committee that raised funds to create the Ingersoll monument?
24.What was the last name of the berry farmer from Broome County, NY, buried in the North Hill Division?
25.In which large division of Springdale will you find individual stones left on the gravestones?
26.Two sections of Springdale Cemetery are named Greenwood: Green Division and Greenwood _____________________
27.Many bodies were moved to Springdale from what former cemetery?
29.What was the last name of little Edna, for whom her parents named a women's hotel?
1.What endowment home has its own section in Division A?
2.What is the name of the division where Soldier's Hill is located?
3.Two sections of Springdale Cemetery are located northwest of War Memorial Drive. One is Washington Heights. What is the other?
4.Anna McDonald drowned a water grave in what unusual place?
5.What family sailed to the US, from Switzerland, along with 26 infants?
8.Where is the Typographical Union section of Springdale Cemetery?
9.When she died in 1915, her pallbearers were all young women. What was Nellie's last name?
10.The Barker Mausoleum is located in what section?
11.What was the last name of the Austrian consul buried in Springdale?
12.What cemetery superintendent died in 1900 and was buried where he worked?
13.What is the single name on a stone in the OPL for an individual who lived from 1851 until 1914?
16.Samuel Tart was one of the oldest members of the Old ______________ Association.
17.What was the last name of the newspaper man who wrote his own obituary before being buried in the Old Public Lots?
19.What symbol was carved on the missing tombstone of Thomas “T. D.” Davis?
20.In 1916, scarlet fever was rampant. What hospital was built just for those with contagious disease? The _________ Hospital.
24.Aside from bodies, lost _________ are also buried in Springdale.
26.What flock of wild birds are you likely to see in Springdale?
28.What was the middle name of John King, Peoria's oldest native born resident?

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