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Earth's Crust

Mr. Wiebe

Chapter 7 Earth's Crust

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  7   8  
  9       10            

1.magma that has been forced onto the Earth's surface
2.some minerals make a powdery mark on a plate. This plate is called
4.tiny particles that are connected in a repeating pattern
6.a property that explains how a mineral will split, fracture or crack
9.rock that is formed by layers of sediment and cemented together
11.a german scientist developed a hardness scale his name is
12.are rock-like casts impressions, that is covered by sediment
13.used to determine if a carbonate material is is present
1.is the degree of shininess
3.a property that will determine if iron is present
4.One of the first ways to identify and classify minerals but not reliable
5.when heat and pressure causes igneous or sedimentary to change into this type of rock
7.Most of the Earth's surface is composed of this rock family
8.can be determined by scratching on mineral against another
10.hot molten rock under Earth's surface

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