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Salem Witch Trials

Vocabulary related to the Salem Witch Trials.

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3.People believed a witch could send out his/her ____________ to do evil.
6.the first name of two women first accused by the girls.
7.the name of the slave woman who confessed.
8.in the movie, she was 17, but in reality, she was 11 at the time of the trials. (2 Words)
10.Susannah Martin argued that the ___________ could pretend to be her spirit to get her accused.
13.Many people accused their neighbors so they could buy their ________.
14.the town where it all happened.
15.his daughter, Betty, was one of the accusers. He was a minister. His last name is almost the same as a city in France, except it has two R's. (2 Words)
1.a magical animal that helps a witch.
2.Judge Sewall and John Hale later ___________ for their parts in the trials.
3.this made having an alibi impossible. (2 Words)
4.a small demon.
5.One accused woman was ___________, so they didn't hang her.
9.the name of the man who examined Tituba.
11.to admit to guilt, to being a witch. People went free.
12.People who did not confess were ____________.

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