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Chapter 5 Cell Interior Structures & Function

J. Nickel


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5.The theory that states that all organisms are composed of one or more cells
7.The main plant molecule responsible for trapping energy from sunlight
9.The jelly-like substance that fills the nucleus
10.An extensive network of folded membranes and sacs in the cytoplasm functioning like a cell "subway"
13.The membrane surrounding the nucleus
14.An organelle found in plants and algae that performs photosynthesis
15.Small holes in the nuclear membrane
16.An organsim used by humans that frequently performs fermentation, such as to make bread
18.Storage organelles
19.A molecule that is one of the products of fermentation occurring in muscles
20.A structure inside the nucleus that makes pieces of ribosomes
22.A molecule that is able to absorb light
25.The mixture of proteins and carbohydrates that make up the cell wall of most bacteria
26.A series of folded membranes that process proteins after receiving them from the ER
27.The rpocess of glucose being broken down
28.Cell that contain a nucleus and membrane-bound organelles; typical of animal cells, plant cells, and fungus cells and algae cells.
1.The series of biological reactions, occurring in mitochondria, that makes ATP by breaking down glucose in the presence of oxygen
2.Microscopic and small photosynthetic organisms living in the water; they make most of the oxygen in the atmosphere
3.Organelles that make proteins
4.Plant pigments, which absorb light of different wavelengths than chlorophyll
6.The series of biological eractions that makes ATP by breaking down glucose without using oxygen
8.The structural make-up of the cell membrane.
11.The energy-required process moving molecules across a membrane from areas of low concentratoin to areas of high concentration
12.A type of nucleic acid whose job is to carry messages from the DNA to the ribosomes
17.The organelles that perform cellular respiration
21.Endoplasmic reticulum without ribosomes attached to it
23.Membrane-bound containers specializing in breaking molecules down
24.Endoplasmic reticulum with ribosomes attached to it

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