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Chapter 2 : Human Orgins

Robyn Hirsch

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1.the proposition that individual members of the various species have characteristics more favorable for meeting the conditions of life are more likely to survive & pass on characteristics to future generations
4.studies how the heredity characteristics of species & individuals are transmitted biologically to their off spring
6.the reasoning man
15.an allele that controls the characteristics that is transmitted to offspring
18.rearranging genetic material to create new, man made life forms or exchange existing ones
21.(man who goes before) is a separate species who is a possible common ancestor of Neanderthals & Homo sapiens
22.theory hold that evolution is a stop/go process of sudden change, with long intervening periods of no change
23.random genetic changes that create new characteristics
2.theory that the universe & living things were designed & created by the purposeful action of an intelligent agent
3.human like creatures who stood on 2 feet, is unclear, but it is believed to have been somewhere between 6 and 10 million years ago in Africa and several million years later in Europe & Asia
5.upright stature and a well-evolved postcranial skeleton, but a smallish brain, low forehead & protruding face
7.is not a science, but rather the belief that all present life-forms were spontaneously created at one point in time
8.Primitive, unenlightened or reactionary; culturally or intellectually backward
9.a group of animals including human beings, apes & monkeys whose outstanding characteristics are larger, complex brains, higher intelligence, and hands & feet adapt for grasping
10.one from each parent, which affects particular characteristics
11.is a combination of sociological &biological reflections that theorize a genetic basis for human behavior
12.man with a tool making ability
13.anatomically modern, tall, well-built, with skull capacity comparable to that of present-day humans
14.an allele that will not transmit its characteristics unless both parent alleles in the pair are double or seen more than once
16.the theory that all the complex life forms of today have descended from earlier ones that existed long ago
17.is a broad category of individuals who look alike & can mate with each other to produce fertile offspring
19.deoxyribonucleic acid; basic chemical building blocks of genes
20.discrete units within cells hat retain their original character for generation

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