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William Dampier

Lucien Robertson

This puzzle is about the pirate/ explorer William Dampier's voyages to Australia.

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3.The _______ Admiralty gave Dampier a ship to explore the east coast of New Holland
4.Dampier collected a great many natural _________.
8.Australia was once known as New _______.
9.A journey.
10.To be stranded on an island.
13.Dampier was given control of this ship in 1699.
14.A large body of water with many islands.
17.A person who studies plants and animals.
18.Dampier was born in the English county of ________.
20.William Dampier charted much of the _________ of Western Australia.
22.On 5 January, 1688 the Cygnet was beached on the northwest coast of Australia, near ____ Sound.
23.A craft that sails on water.
24.William Dampier was the _____ Englishman to set foot on Australia.
25.Dampier wrote the first known record of Australian flora and _____.
1.To sail around a mass of land.
2.On the 26 of July, 1699 Dampier reached the mouth of what he called _____ Bay.
5.A ship fit to be sailed is called _________.
6.William Dampier published his diaries as the book "New Voyage Round the _____".
7.The ship Dampier sailed on his first voyage to Australia.
11.A voyage of exploration.
12.William Dampier was once a pirate, also called a _________.
15.Dampier was interested in shells and gathered a large collection of _____.
16.William _______ was born in 1651.
19.Dampier died in the city of ______ on 8 March, 1715.
21.Dampier had hoped, but failed to explore the ____ coast of Australia.

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