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5.Sound heard when ventricles contract during systole
6.Valves open during systole and closed during diastole that have three cusps each
10.The amount of blood in liters ejected by the heart per minute
11.Sound heard during ventricle contraction
12.what the ventricles do when the impulse reaches the Purkinje Fibers
13.Layer of the heart responsible for pumping blood
15.Valves that are closed during systole and open during diastole and the leaflets are attatched by chordae tendinae to papillary muscles
18.The valve between the right atrium and ventricle
19.Makes up the bundle of His
23.amount of pressure the ventricle must overcome to eject the blood volume
24.Receives deoxygenated blood from the body
30.Normal cardiac output
31.moves bood to the pulmondary veins
32.Amount of blood ejected by with each ventricular contraction
33.the hardest working chamber of the heart
34.Cardiac phase when ventricles eject blood into the pulmonary artery from RV and into the arota form LV/Systole
35.Contraction and relaxation of the heartbeat
1.Valve blood is ejected through for systemic circulation
2.Sound produced by turbulent blood flow across the valves
3.term used to refer to the contractile state of the cell
4.The posterior and anterior branches of the left branch of the bundle of His
7.Lines the heart chamber
8.Terminal ends of the right and left bundle branches
9.The valve between the left atrium and ventricle
14.first branches of the systemic circulation
16.Amount of blood remining in a ventricle at the end of diastole or the pressure generated at the end of diastole
17.Visceral pericardium where coronary arteries are embedded
20.Where the impulse is delayed before being sent to the bundle of His
21.Valve blood is ejected through from the RV to the pulmondary artery
22.Pacemaker of the heart
25.Slows heart rate and cunduction through the AV node, decreases strength of contraction
26.receives oxygenated blood from the lungs
27.Ability of cardiac muscle fibers to shorten and produce a muscle contraction
28.Cardiac phase when ventricles fill with blood coming from the atria/Diastole
29.Nerve fibers that increase the heart rate causing more forceful contractions

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