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Heart Tests

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2.Cardiac hormone released when ventricular dilation and stretch occur. Elevated levels realte closely to the severity of HF. Levels can be monitored for effectiveness of treatment.
4.Count that indicates the body's ability to defend itself agains infection and inflammation, elevated with AMI
7.pH less than 7.35
12.Released when heart cells die as a result of damage
13.May be administered to asses myocardial blood flow during stress test. Used to detect old or new myocardial ischemia and evaluate patency of CABGs. Shows "cold spots" in areas without blood flow
14.An echocardiogram that uses a flexible endoscopic probe with an ultrasound transducer passed down the back of the throat into the esophagus. Uses a local anesthetic, takes 15 to 20 minutes
15.Noninvasive method of assessing presence and severity of CAD by recording cardiovascular response to exercise. ALso measures functional capacity for work, sport, or participation in a rehab program. Uses a treadmill or stationary back with continuous ECG monitoring.
17.Analyzed to dertermine body's ability to maintiain acide-base balance
18.pH greater than 7.45
20.Provides cardiac tissue imaging without lung or bone interference. Patients with intracranial aneurysm clips, intraocular metal foreign bodies, heart valves manufactured before 1964 should not have this done.
23.Percentage of packed red blood cells in total sample of whole blood. Plasma portion decreases with severe dehydration
24.Protein involved in contraction of muscles. Released into circulation after AMI in 3-6 hourse from onset of symptoms peak in 12 hours remain in circulation 10-14 days.
31.Side of cardiac catheterization that may asses th eaortic and mitral valves
32.pH in excess of 7.45 and PaC02 less than 35
33.VIsualizes and records the size, shape, position, and behavior of the heart's internal structures, especially wall motion and valve function.
37.Protein released quickly after MI levels increase in 1-4 hours after symptoms. Mya be elevated after strenuous exercise, renal failure, neuromuscular disease.
38.Enzyme elevation expected in 4-6 hours after AMI peak in 24-48 at more than 6 times the normal value returns to normal within 2-3 days if no new damage occurs. Musculoskeletal injuries and recent excessive athletic injury can also elevate level.
39.Used to record heart's electrical activity form within the heart using catheters with multiple electrodes inserted through femoral vein into right side of the heart.
40.Main component of RBCs. Transports 02 to cells elveated with dehydration, COPD and CHF. less than 5g/dl leads to heart failure and death if not corrected
41.Lipoproteins associated with higher risk of CAD
42.Regulated by the kidneys through excretion and retention
1.Patient is injected with technetium 99m chich concentrates in acutely necrotic myocardial tissue. Left ventricular structure and function evaluated. Detects intracardiac shunting, assess valvular disease and identifies location and size of an AMI. Sublingual nitro may be used to administered to assess effect on ventricular function.
3.Battery of tests that measure cholesterol, triglycerides, lipoproteins
5.Lipoproteins that promote excretion of cholesterol
6.Uses a small dose of an isotope which is taken up by damaged heart tissue, shows up as "hot spots" on the scan to confirm AMI has occured
8.acute-phase protein and a marker for systemic inflammation. Elevated levels are present with acute coronary syndromes. Cna be used to predict an individuals risk for cardiovascular diseases or events
9.Ambulatory ECG that provides continuous cardiac moniroting for 24 to 48 hours used to detect dysrhythmias that occur infrequently
10.ischemia that resolve with rest
11.Procedure that threads a into the heart chambers, coronary arteries or both under flouroscopy via a vein or artery
16.Major contributor to CAD produced in the liver. Levels increase when LDL levels increase
19.Basic screening test
21.Ultrafast form of imaging technology that allos for high quality images not affected by the movement of the heart as it contracts and relaxes. Images are used to assess myocardial perfusion, along with the right and left ventricular muscle mass and function. Can also measure calcium deposits in coronary arteries, coronary calcium score can be derived.
22.Count assessed to determine the ability of blood to carry 02 from lungs to tissues and C02 from tissues to the lungs. May be elevated in dehydration
25.Noninvasive that measures arterial 02 saturation with a light passed througha pulsating artery and interpreted mechanically
26.ischemia caused by AMI that does not resolve with rest
27.Commonly performed in conjunction with the exercise tolerance test to provide information of presence of CAD and location and extent of ischemic and infarted myocardium.
28.Monitors long time periords toe record ECG during syncopal episodes, is activated when symptoms are felt.
29.PaC02 greater than 45 with an acidic pH indicating body is unable to excrete excess C02 through lungs
30.Tomography of the heart used to compare perfusion to metabolism in heart tissue. IV injection of isotope given followed by scan to assess perfusion of the heart. Second isotope given to assess metobolic uptake of heart tissue.
34.Blood lipid producd by the liver, forms bile salts for digestion of fat and for production of adrenal, ovarian, and testicular hormones
35.smallest of formed elements in the blood. Necessary for coagulation. May increase in acute infections and some heart diseases
36.Side of cardiac catheterization that may assess the pulmonic and tricuspid valve

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