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Prasad Linganna

2                         3
5                           6    
    7             8          
9                         10        
  11   12          
15       16                                   17
20                                       21    
22                             23                  
    25 26       27                     28  

2.An integration of functional plans
5.Description of the 4Ps of Marketing with reference to your business
7.Focusing on one or more market segments
9.Shows how you have fared in your business with your money
13.Something which you pay at the end of each year
15.Dividing a market into definable and measurable groups
18.A person who is appointed by the share holders
20.Something an entrepreneur has to analyse before starting a new venture
22.An individual who takes risk and creates something new
23.The process of nurturing a business idea and commercializing it
27.Some people also call refer to it is TOWS
30.Gathering data before you write the Marketing Plan
31.A pie that you share with your competitors
32.Something which an entrepreneur cannot ignore
1.Also known as the 4Ps of Marketing
2.It's all about assets and liabilities
3.Appears last in the Business Plan, but not the least important
4.Indicates whether your Business Plan is economically feasible or not
6.An important attribute of an entrepreneur while generating new ideas
8.Something which you should know before deciding how big a piece you want for yourself
10.Knowing who sold to whom and at what value
11.Helps you execute the Business Plan
12.Entrepreneurship within an existing organization
14.A dynamic process of creating wealth
16.Offers a bird's eye view of your entire plan
17.Commercialization of an invention
19.Ensuring that people only spend what they are allowed to
21.A technique to generate new ideas
22.The study of behavior and morals in a business situation
24.A number you have to achieve before seeing profits
25.Tells you how the money came and went
26.Determining who spends how much during the year
28.Creation of a new idea or method
29.A person who guides the entrepreneur

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