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1.In what language are the Madama Butterfly performers singing?
5.Backstage assistants who help move scenery and props between scenes. (Two words)
9.What is the break called between acts? (This is when the audience gets up to stretch their legs)
13.What are form combines music, dance, theatre, and scenery?
16.The highest female singing voice.
18.What is the Japanese word for "robe" worn by some of the Madama Butterfly characters?
2.The ________ designer helps create effects which help set the mood and complement the action on stage.
3.Who plays the music during an opera?
4.What composer wrote the music for Madama Butterfly?
6.How fast or slow the music is played or sung.
7.The ________ designer creates the clothes that the singers wear on stage.
8.The person who directs the orchestra is called the ______.
10.Small items carried or used by performers on stage.
11.What special occasion do the characters celebrate in the first act of Madama Butterfly?
12.B.F. Pinkerton from Madama Butterfly, works in the _____.
14.Before the story of Madama Butterfly became an opera, it was originally a _____.
15.In what country does Madama Butterfly take place?
16.What is the background for the opera that helps establish the setting or location?
17.What is it called when two characters sing together?

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