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Communication Styles

Alexandria Arriazaleal

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1.deals with tone,pitch,rhythm,loudness and inflection of voice
3.the distance at which the speaker is from the audience
6.a distraction tha interrupts the message from being understood
7.the person or group for which the information is meant
8.how the message is being sent
13.the source of the information or material that is being communicated
15.the interchange of thoughts
16.a firsthand or eyewitness account of an event
2.characterized by using important sounding words in a general statement
4.any document that describes an event,person,place or thing
5.the meaning or subject of the information being communicated
9.used to damage the opposing cause
10.the ability to perceive sound
11.a reply or reaction to the message made by the receiver
12.keeping attentionon what is being said or read
14.characterized by presenting an idea with only two choices

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