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Arthur Reed

1 2 3                   4           5           6       7
9                                                 10                 11  
  13                                                     14 15                      
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                30     31                                       32  
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                      49                   50
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    58                 59                          
                  61   62                            
  66         67                               68
    70                           71 72                         73  
        75                                 76                          
          77                   78              
      80                               81              

3.Plants occurring naturally in an area not introduced. (§3701) (2 Words)
5.Excavations created by the surface mining of rock, unconsolidated geologic deposits or soils to provide material (borrow) for fill elsewhere. (§3501) (2 Words)
9.CEQA (4 Words)
13.An area designated by the Board pursuant to Section 2790 which is known to contain a deposit of minerals, the extraction of which is judged to be of prime importance in meeting future needs for minerals in a particular region of the state within which the minerals are located and which, if prematurely developed for alternate incompatible land uses, could result in the permanent loss of minerals that are of more than local significance. (§2726) (4 Words)
15.A mine whose operator has not indicated the operation was “active” during a report year. (2 Words)
16.The combined process of land treatment that minimizes water degradation, air pollution, damage to aquatic or wildlife habitat, flooding, eroding, and other adverse effects from surface mining operations, including adverse surface effects incidental to underground mines, so that mined lands are reclaimed to a usable condition which is readily adaptable for alternate land uses and create no danger to affected lands surrounding mined lands, and require backfilling, grading, resoiling, vegetation, soil compaction, stabilization, of other measures. (§2733)
22.That amount of money necessary to conduct and complete reclamation on the mined lands in accordance with the approved reclamation plan, plus a reasonable estimate of the administrative costs and expenses which would be incurred by the lead agency or the Department of Conservation, the total of which shall be calculated in accordance with section 3804, and shall constitute an obligation to pay by the operator. (§3802) (3 Words)
23.LCY – Volume measurement of “previously worked” material (3 Words)
27.Borates, cinders, clays, diatomite, dolomite, gypsum, iron ore, lime, limestone, perlite, pumice, rare earth elements, saline compounds, salt, shale, silica, specialty sand, abrasives, asbestos, barite, bituminous rock, decorative rock, dimension stone, feldspar, fluorite, gemstones, graphite, kyanite, lignite, lithium, magnesite, mica, olivine, peat, phosphate, potash, pyrophyllite, quartz crystal, sea shells, sercite, talc, vermiculite, zeolites, and zircon. (§3695) (2 Words)
28.Property right to continue operating in a certain location and in a certain way without being required to conform to all current land use restrictions. The use of the land, not its ownership, at the time the use becomes nonconforming determines the right to continue the use. Transfer of title does not affect the right to continue a lawful nonconforming use which runs with the land. (2 Words)
30.All, or any part of, the process involved in the mining of minerals on mined lands by removing overburden and mining directly from the mineral deposits, open-pit mining of minerals naturally exposed, mining by the auger method, dredging and quarrying, or surface work incident to an underground mine. Surface mining operations shall include, but are not limited to: (a) Inplace distillation or retorting or leaching. (b) The production and disposal of mining waste. (c) Prospecting and exploratory activities. (§2735) borrow pitting, streambed skimming, and segregation and stockpiling of mined material (and recovery of same). ALSO, In addition to the provisions of Section 2735 of the Act, borrow pitting, streambed skimming, segregation and stockpiling of mined materials (and recovery of same) are deemed to be surface mining operations unless specifically excluded under Section 2714 of the Act or Section 3505 of these regulations. (§3501) Also, in the opinion of Art Reed, any equipment, processing, work areas that would no longer be in operation if mining at this site were to end. (3 Words)
39.A person designated by the production-operator of independent contractor who has the ability, training, knowledge, or experience to provide training to miners in his or her area of expertise. The competent person must be able both to effectively communicate the training subject to miners and to evaluate whether the training given to miners is effective. (from the MSHA handbook) (2 Words)
40.SMARA. (5 Words)
44.An order issued by the Department of Conservation compelling compliance with SMARA, including the cessation of mining operations. (2 Words)
46.A mine where more than ten percent of the mining operation’s gross annual revenues as averaged over the last five years are derived from the production of, or any combination of, the following metallic minerals by the open pit extraction method: Precious metals (gold, silver, platinum); iron; nickel; copper; lead; tin; ferro-alloy metals (tungsten, chromium, manganese); mercury; uranium and thorium; minor metals including rubidium, strontium, and cesium; niobium and tantalum. (§3704.1 (f)) (2 Words)
47.An area designated by the board pursuant to section 2790 which is known to contain a deposit of minerals, the extraction of which is judged to be of prime importance in meeting future needs for minerals in the state and which, if prematurely developed for alternate incompatible land uses, could result in the permanent loss of minerals that are of more than local or regional significance. (§2727) (4 Words)
49.The surface, subsurface, and groundwater of an area in which surface mining operations will be, are being, or have been conducted, including private ways and roads appurtenant to any such area, land excavations, working, mining waste, and areas in which structures, facilities, equipment, machines, tools, or other materials or property which result from, or are used in, surface mining operations are located. (§2729) (2 Words)
52.Any authorization from, or approval by, a lead agency, the absence of which would preclude surface mining operations. (§2732.5) (not required by the owner of a vested right in continuous operation since before 1976))
53.The determination (declaration) that a project will not degrade the quality of an environment, meaning that an Environmental Impact Statement is not required. (2 Words)
54.being on this list makes a mine eligible to sell to government agencies. (2 Words)
59.The surface, subsurface, and groundwater of an area in which surface mining operations are being, or have been conducted, including private ways and roads appurtenant to any such area, land excavations, working, mining waste, and areas in which structures, facilities, equipment, machines, tools, or other materials or property which result from, or are used in, surface mining operations are located and, as a result, exhibit alteration from its native condition. (2 Words)
60.The cultivation and tillage of the soil, dairying, the production, cultivation, growing and harvesting of any agricultural commodity, the raising of livestock or poultry, and any practices performed by a farmer or on a farm as incident to or in conjunction with those farming operations, including preparation of these products for market. (§3501) (2 Words)
62.A financial assurance mechanism meeting the requirements of Section 3806.1, of this Article, by which a governmental entity proposes to make specific, identified future revenue available to perform reclamation pursuant to the approved reclamation plan. (§3801) (3 Words)
63.A change or expansion to a surface mining operation that substantially affects the completion of the previously approved reclamation plan, or that changes the end use of the approved reclamation plan to the extent that the scope of the reclamation required for the surface mining operation is substantially changed. (see §3502(d) for further clarification of this expression) (2 Words)
64.Plant species indigenous to California, using pre-European as the historic time reference. (§3701) (2 Words)
65.Mineral containing a valuable constituent for which it is mined and worked
67.Refers to a subset of those species defined as introduced species or non-indigenous species. Invasive species can alter ecological relationships among native species and can affect ecosystem function, economic value of ecosystems, and human health. A species is regarded as invasive if it has been introduced by human action to a location, area, or region where it did not previously occur naturally (i.e., is not native), becomes capable of establishing a breeding population in the new location without further intervention by humans, and spreads widely throughout the new location. i.e. marked by the tendency to spread. (2 Words)
70.A report required of all mine operators, due on July 1st of each year for the previous year’s review of a mining operations as detailed in section 2207 of the Public Resources Code. (2 Words)
71.BCY – volume measurement of undisturbed native material (3 Words)
75.The maximum stable inclination of an unsupported slope under the most adverse conditions that it will likely experience, as determined by current engineering technology. (§3501) (2 Words)
76.The maximum angle of slope (measured from horizontal plane) at which loose cohesionless material will come to rest on a pile of similar material (§3501) (3 Words)
77.The city, county, San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission, or the board which has the principal responsibility for approving a surface mining operation of reclamation plan pursuant to this chapter. (§2728) Also: The governmental entity under SMARA responsible for approving a reclamation plan and financial assurance, and for conducting an annual inspection of a mine operation. This is normally a city or county. (2 Words)
78.Earth, overburden, mine waste or imported material used to replace material removed during mining. (§3501)
79.Excavation of sand and gravel from streambed deposits above the mean summer water level or stream bottom, whichever is higher. (§3501) (3 Words)
80.(RP) The applicant’s (operator’s) completed and approved plan for reclaiming the lands affected by his surface mining operations conducted after January 1, 1976, as called for in Section 2772 of the Act. (§3501) (2 Words)
81.A mine that has curtailed for a period of one year or more surface mining operations by more than 90 percent of the operation’s previous maximum production, with the intent to resume those surface mining operations at a future date. (§2727.1) (2 Words)
82.The process of artificially building or reconstructing a soil profile. (§3501)
1.CCR (4 Words)
2.Any person, including any operator or supervisor, who works at a mine and who is engaged in mining operations. This definition includes independent contractors and employees of independent contractors who are engaged in mining operations; and any construction worker who is exposed to hazards of mining operations. This does not include scientific workers; delivery workers; customers (including commercial over-the-road truck drivers); vendors; or visitors. This definition does not include maintenance or service workers who do not work at a mine site for frequent or extended periods. (from MSHA handbook)
4.The produced mineral that provides the highest dollar values sales for the operation. (§3695) (4 Words)
6.PRC (3 Words)
7.The regulations adopted by the board pursuant to Section 2755. (§2734) (2 Words)
8.A guide prepared by the State Mining and Geology Board to aid in FACE and FAM preparation (3 Words)
10.Landscapes with an average annual precipitation of five inches of less. (§3701)
11.Any person who is engaged in surface mining operations, himself, or who contracts with others to conduct operations on his behalf, except a person who is engaged in surface mining operations as an employee with wages as his sole compensation. (§2731)
12.An impairment of the quality of the waters of the state to a degree which creates a hazard to the public health through poisoning or through the spread of disease. (§3701)
14.a notice OMR may issue to a lead agency requiring that they perform some specific enforcement action against a mine operator. (2 Words)
15.(IMP) the plan required for an idle mine. It is required within 90 days of the mine going idle. (§2770(h)) A lead agency must review within 60 days. (3 Words)
17.a mine that does have an IMP (or a pending IMP) and has been idle for over one year. (§2770(h)(6)) (2 Words)
18.A violation that is not a simple “reporting” violation. This can initiate penalties that a reporting violation can not. (2 Words)
19.To improve conditions so that threat to or damage to public health and safety or the environment are lessened or ameliorated, including the cleanup and abatement of pollution or nuisance or threatened pollution of nuisance. (SMARA §2796.5)
20.Land uses inherently incompatible with mining and/or that require public or private investment in structures, land improvements, and landscaping and that may prevent mining because of the greater economic value of the land and its improvements. Examples of such uses may include, but shall not be limited to, high density residential, low density residential with high unit value, public facilities, geographically limited but impact intensive industrial, and commercial (§3675) (3 Words)
21.The vertical projection of the crown or shoot area of a species to the ground surface expressed as a percentage of the reference area (percentage can be greater than 100 percent). (§3701) (2 Words)
24.Soil, rock, or other materials that lie above a natural mineral deposit or in between mineral deposits, before of after their removal by surface mining operations. (§2732)
25.The annual fee paid by operators based on requirements of section 2207(d). (2 Words)
26.Minerals extracted at the site of the mining operation, and either: (a) sold, given or otherwise moved off the site of the operation, as defined in the approved reclamation plan, or; (b) used onsite for production of completed products (e.g. cement, bricks, asphaltic concrete, etc.). Stockpiles of mineral products that remain on the site, as defined in the lead agency approved reclamation plan, are not produced minerals for purposes of these regulations. (§3695) (2 Words)
29.CUP (3 Words)
31.The instrument that serves as the financial assurance, such as a surety bond, trust fund or irrevocable letter of credit. Reference: SMARA Sections 2770(a); and 2773.1(a)(1) (from OMR/SMGB Financial Assurance Guidelines) (3 Words)
32.A letter from any bank authorized to do business in the State of California granting credit on behalf of the mine operator. Letters of credit should be for a specific period of time and must not be revocable by the mining operator until reclamation is completed pursuant to the approved reclamation plan and the lead agency, the Department, and any other beneficiaries issue a notice of release to the operator, or the letter of credit is replaced with another acceptable financial assurance mechanism. (from OMR Financial Assurance Guidelines) (3 Words)
33.OMR (4 Words)
34.This is a violation that is not operational in nature. This may not initiate penalties that an operational violation would. (2 Words)
35.A mine that has filed at least one “Mining Operation Annual Report form” (MRRC-2) or “New Mining Operation Report form” (MRRC-3) with OMR (2 Words)
36.A monetary penalty up to $5,000 per day issued to a mine operator pursuant to SMARA Section 2774.1. (2 Words)
37.SMGB (5 Words)
38.(PG) a designation given someone who has passed the experience and testing requirements by the state. Before January 1, 2005, this was named “Registered Geologist”. (2 Words)
41.Any naturally occurring chemical element or compound, or groups of elements and compounds, formed from inorganic processes and organic substances, including, but not limited to, coal, peat, and bituminous rock, but excluding geothermal resources, natural gas, and petroleum. (§3501)
42.The upper part of the soil profile that is relatively rich in humus, which is technically known as the A-horizon of the soil profile. (§3501)
43.Land uses inherently compatible with mining and/or that require a minimum public or private investment in structures, land improvements, and which may allow mining because of the relative economic value of the land and its improvements. Examples of such uses may include, but shall not be limited to, very low density residential, geographically extensive but low impact industrial, recreational, agricultural, silvicultural, grazing, and open space. (§3675) (3 Words)
45.Placing dump-truck size piles adjacent to each other as a way to catch moisture and reduce erosion in desert reclamation. A dozer may be used in lieu of truck by pushing dirt up into piles. (15-0022) (2 Words)
48.The inspection required to be done by the lead agency within 6 months of the receipt of the operator’s annual report (10-day notice to operator required). This report is sent to OMR. (2 Words)
50.Residue remaining after mineral product is removed (from the rec plan for 91-36-0002)
51.decomposed granite, sand and gravel, slag, or stone. (§3695) (2 Words)
55.A financial assurance mechanism, meeting the requirements of Section 3806.2 of this article, by which a government entity proposes to make specific identified monies within the entity’s budget available to perform reclamation pursuant to the approved reclamation plan. (§3802) (3 Words)
56.To bring an existing surface to a designed form by cutting, filling, and/or smoothing operations. (§3501)
57.A fee charged for obtaining a new mine permit. (§3696 (b)) (3 Words)
58.An amount of money, or a guarantee of an amount of money, that is set aside to ensure that funds will be available to complete reclamation on mined lands pursuant to the approved reclamation plan. (Paragraph 9 of the SMGB Financial Assurance Guidelines) (2 Words)
61.An indemnity agreement in an amount certain executed by an admitted surety insurer as defined in subdivision (a) of Section 995.120 of the Code of Civil Procedure. Surety bonds must meet the applicable requirements of the California Code of Civil Procedures, Part 2, Title 14, commencing with section 995.010. (from OMR Financial Assurance Guidelines) (2 Words)
66.The residual of soil, rock, mineral, liquid, vegetation, equipment, machines, tools, or other materials or property directly resulting from, or displaced by, surface mining operations. (§2730) (2 Words)
68.The unexcavated face of exposed overburden and ore in a surface mine. (§3701)
69.a notice either OMR or a lead agency issues to a mine operator requiring compliance with some section of SMARA that has been violated. (2 Words)
72.a mine whose operator has indicated that significant mining operations have occurred at some time during the reporting year. (2 Words)
73.Are cash or cash certain financial instruments put up by the mine operator. They may take the form of: a) a cash account deposited in one or more federally insured accounts; b) negotiable bonds, “held in escrow”, of the United States, a state, county, or municipality, endorsed by the mine operator, and rated “A” or better by a nationally recognized bond rating organization (“zero-coupon bonds” including “savings bonds” and some types of coupon municipal bonds may be used at their current market value as determined annually, but may not be used at their value at maturity before maturity occurs); c) negotiable certificates of deposits in one or more federally insured depositories. The lead agency, the Department and the bank holding the funds should maintain a record of the lead agency approved trust fund. Cash accounts and certificates of deposit must not exceed the applicable FDIC, FSLIC or insured account limits. Interest earned is not part of the financial assurance and should be payable to the mining operator at his or her discretion. (from OMR Financial Assurance Guidelines) (2 Words)
74.A road along which material is transported from the area of excavation to the processing plant or stock pile area of the surface mining operation. (from the OMR “Model SMARA Ordinance”) (2 Words)

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