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Anticoagulants and Thrombolytics

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1.Used for thrombosis/embolism, and prohpylaxis of DVT
3.The first dose of warfarin is not given until blood is drawn for this baseline
5.The nurse questions pt of all the drugs previously taken for this amount of time
6.Another name for Thrombosis
7.Trade name for Warfarin
8.Used for recent MI, stroke, and acute coronary syndrome
10.Fever, heart failure, diarrhea, diabetes, malignancy, hypertension, remal or hepatic disease, psychoses, or depression
12.Generic name for Lovenox
15.Forms a plug in the vessel
16.This anti-infective agent will increase bleeding with anticoagulants
18.Trade name for Clopidogrel
19.Class of drug dissolves blood clots that have ALREADY formed within the blood vessel walls
26.breaking up
29.adverse reaction involving areas such as GI tract, genitourinary tract, and the brain
31.Prevents thrombus formation in the arterial system
33.Used for prohpylaxis and treatment of venous thrombosis
34.Oral anticoagulants may have this color to alkaline urine
35.A moving clot
36.Used for DVT and pre-surgical prohpylaxis, PE, treatment, unstable angina/non-Q-wave MI
37.Clot that occurs in the lower extremities
2.Treatment of heparin overdoes
4.Another name for blood clot
9.Generic name for Persantine
11.You are at a higher risk to get this within the first three months of taking these drugs
13.Pregnancy Category for oral agents
14.Prevents thrombosis in the venous system
17.Interaction with antiplatelet this drug increases the risk for bleeding
20.Decreases effectiveness of the anticoagulant (females use this type of drug)
21.This is monitered for internal bleeding
22.A moving clot that travels to the lung and obstructs a pulmonary vessel
23.Treatment of warfarin overdose
24.Most common side effect
25.Heparin must be given by this route ONLY
27.Used for post-operative thromboembolism prevention in valve replacement
28.This pain relieving drug will increase bleeding with anticoagulants
30.Common test used for heparin
32.A process when a blood vessel is injured and a serious of events occur to form a clot to stop the bleeding

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