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Danny Adams - Concepts Chapter 02

Danny Adams

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6.A temporary holding area for data
7.A flat, solid state storage medium.
8.When you connect or disconnect a peripheral device while the computer is operating.
9.Produces an image by filtering light through a layer of liquid crystal cells.
12.A printer that propels droplets of ink directly onto the paper.
13.Ports designed for audiovisual devices.
17.Multiple instructions are executed at the same time.
18.One million cycles per second.
19.The lighter, non-pitted surface areas of the disc.
20.A technique for increasing the speed of a computer component.
21.A computer screen using low-power light-emmiting diodes.
1.Electrostatically charged ink is applied to the drum and then transferred to paper.
2.A timing device that sets the pace for executing instructions.
3.Measured either by pages per minute or characters per second.
4.When a processor can begin executing an intruction before it completes the previous instruction.
5.A small, lightweight portable computer that opens like a clamshell to reveal a screen and keyboard.
10.Describes input, output, and storage equipment that may be added to a computer system.
11.CD, DVD and Blu-ray technologies are classified as this.
14.Based on the design for a personal computer called the Macintosh.
15.The small dots of light that form an image.
16.A small version of a notebook computer.

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