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Earth Sun Moon System-Chapter 9

Xaveria McRae

Covers concepts pertaining to the Earth Sun Moon system

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1.a three dimensional round figure
7.number of months it takes for Earth to orbit the Sun
8.elongated curve
9.theory stating that the Sun is the center of the universe
10.the Moon is Earth's natural this
12.source of energy for photosynthesis
13.process that results in our experiencing day and night
14.occurs when the Sun is above or below Earth's equator
16.stage when we being to see less of the Moon's phase
17.planet that has the size similar to the one that collided into Earth
19.summer, winter, fall, spring
21.23.4 degrees
2.process of Earth going around the Sun
3.results when meteroids, comets or other objects strike the Moon
4.stars, planets, moons, and other bodies are a par of this(two words)
5.these occur due to Earth's tilt and spinning
6.dark flat regions found on Moon
11.imaginary line that separates northern and southern hemispheres
15.occurs when Sun is directly over Earth's equator
16.stage when we begin to see more of the Moon's face
18.the Sun is also a ________
20.the planet the Moon orbits

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