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Early Law


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2.rule by a small group
6.His code include an "eye for an eye"
7.type of democracy where people elect others to speak for them
9."birthplace of western civilization"
10.govt headed by a king or queen
11.roman emperor who ordered all evidence of roman law gathered together
12.rule by the people
16.given the authority to rule by god (2 Words)
17.Fidel Castro in Cuba was an example of this autocrat
20.signed in 1215, ensured trial by jury & ruler not above the law (2 Words)
22.set of laws relating to offenses against public order
1.wrote social contract, people willing to give up freedoms to live in society
3.did away with jailing people for no reason (2 Words)
4.groups of people sharing common interests, traditions, institutions
5.type of democracy where all people participate in the process
8.tome period in western europe when people started to realize their rights
13.govt led by one person
14.type of law concerns disputes between people
15.written law
18.set of rules made and enforced by society
19.type of law developed over time by judge's decisions
21.sum of money to ensure a person's appearance at trial

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