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Equine Science

Ms. Brock

Misc. information about a horse.

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2.Air enters and exits out of these
4.The person who medically doctors horses
8.The gait right above a walk
10.The small bone in a horse's hoof
11.A horse with a spotted rear end
13.A small bone growth behind the fetlock joint
14.Maintains homestasis
16.The gait above a trot; also known as loping
19.Traditional unit of measurement for horse height
22.Teaching a colt/filly to be away from its mother
24.The slowest gait of a horse
25.36-50, this is an average amount of __________________ beats per minute
26.The cinch of the saddle goes around this body part
29.A white-haired, pink mottle skinned horse
30.Abbreviation for a common type of pony
31.Area in between the ears
33.A bit-less head gear used for leading horses around
37.The most common and simple type of bridle
39.A result of over eating high-protein grasses or grains
40.Overo is a common type of this breed of horse:
1.Their type of stomach
3.100.5 is a normal body ___________________________ for a horse.
5.This area covers the patella
6.An extreme stomachache for a horse
7.A mare kept for the sole purpose of carrying babies
9.An older, male horse who is able to reproduce
10.The source of hoof growth; found in between the hoof and the pastern
12.The common name for calcaneus
15.A common name for a dark reddish-brown color of a horse
17.An older, female horse
18.Paired with the tibia in the back leg
20.A common marking for a dunn horse is the ___________________ stripe
21.The bone found in between the fetlock and radius
23.Right above the hock
26.Headgear that has a bit, used when riding
27.The pommel of the saddle sits here
28.An older, male horse who is unable to reproduce
31.In between the coronet and fetlock
32.The area from the loins to the dock
34.A horse is the only animal that cannot do this bodily function.
35.A young, male horse
36.The v-shaped growth on the sole of a horse's hoof.
38.A young, female horse

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