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Chapter 2 Vocabulary

Dylan Carpenter

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2.another name for a homogeneous mixture
5.any part of a sample with uniform composition
6.one or two letters
9.composition is uniform throughout
11.definite shape and volume
12.some properties change but not the whole thing
13.another phrase for chemical change
16.simplest form of matter
18.amount of matter
21.depends on the type of matter
23.symbol O
25.symbol Fe
26.seperates a solid and a liquid
27.measure of space an object takes up
28.matter that has a uniform and definite composition
29.no definite shape or volume
30.physical blend of two or more components
1.a trait of a substance
3.states that mass is conserved in any phyical or chemical change
4.gaseous state of water
7.abilty of a substance to undergo a specific chemical change
8.amount of matter
10.starts a reaction
14.when two elements are combined and make a new element
15.when a liquid is bolied to prduce vapor and the condensed into a liquid
17.two elements together
19.composition is not uniform throughout
20.definite volume, indefinite shape
22.solid that forms and settles out of a liquid mixture
24.when to things makes something. That is called a

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