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Chileshe Kanyanta

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3.Strongly motivated to succeed in the work they are doing e.g. Physicist
4.Able to address people clearly without fear e.g. Comedian
6.a person who has the power to attract or influence people e.g. TV Presenter.
9.Being able to lead people in the right way e.g. Head Teacher/ Captain
11.a person who can stay calm with provocation, annoyance and delay but is still calm and without complaint or anger. For example a Bus Driver.
15.someone keen, or in desire or impatient to do something. For example a Sports men/women.
16.Be able to interact with other people and how well they behave around other people e.g. School network support.
17.Being able to arrange how they will carry out tasks beforehand e.g. Architecture.
18.to make someone to feel determined to do something e.g. Coach.
19.Working with numbers all the time and able to calculate e.g. Accountant
1.Knowledge on how computers work, how to use them and issues that can occur with them e.g. Technical sales adviser.
2.Can be reliable in anything e.g. Plumber.
5.someone who is honest and can be trusty e.g. Hairdresser.
7.Undertake or continue a task or activity without another's prodding or supervision e.g. Boxer.
8.Able to work freely or have your own business e.g. Freelancer
10.the process of working with a group of people in order to achieve a goal. E.g. football players.
11.needs to keep up with the document his writing to see if it’s exactly as the manager wanted it be and neither more nor less or being just that and no others e.g. an Investigators or surgeons have to be precise.
12.the ability or willingness to tolerate the existence of opinions, annoying and frustrating behaviours or situations that one dislikes or disagrees with. E.g. soldier.
13.Must be able to plan and arrange for something or to arrange systematically e.g. Administrator of IT.
14.someone who has an eagerness to do something or archive a goal or has interest in thing e.g. Director.

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