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House Construction--Framing


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1.Standard construction practices place 2 x 4 wood studs every ___ inches
7.Combines a joist, rafters, and supports in one preassembled unit
9.Rafters or roof trusses that extend past the edge of the exterior wall
10.Studs which are used above window and door openings and below window openings
12.The ends of the floor joists are nailed to these joists
14.These are attached to the sill plate and support the flooring
15.These support the ceiling and often act as floor joists for second floors and attic floors
17.The bottom plate
18.The horizontal pieces of lumber to which the studs are attached
19.The first piece of lumber bolted to the foundation wall with galvanized steel anchor bolts
20.A vertical wall frame member spaced every 16 inches
1.The floor frame is covered with plywood sheets to hold the floor joists in line
2.Major support beams; help support the floor joists
3.These support the roof
4.This is determined by the slope of the rafters
5.Reinforce the studs which support the header
6.The horizontal beam at which the two slopes of the roof meet
8.Wood or metal braces nailed tightly to the joists thus distributing the load from one point over several joists
11.Two lapped pieces of lumber spiked together
13.A sill sealer placed on top of the foundation wall to prevent termite infestations
16.The lintel which supports the load above a door or window opening.
17.Provides support below a window

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