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Chapter 9 Focus on Plants Crossword

Braden Winter

Grade 10 science.

1 2
  3         4          
6             7                      
  9                         10    
  13     14        
  16                 17          

3.Controls the stomata's size.
6.Allows for gases to enter and exit the leaf.
7.Two words that describes the turgor pressure in the root xylem
9.The process in which energy for a plant is made.
12.The evaporation of water from leaves.
14.Carries water and minerals.
15.Directly under the upper epidermis
16.The tendency for water molecules to stick to other water molecules.
17.The gas that is secreted as waste from a plant.
19.Keeps the xylem and phloem together.
20.The part of a plant that gathers water and dissolved minerals.
1.The organelle that allows for photosynthesis.
2.The tendency for water molecules to stick to certain surfaces.
4.The gas that is needed for photosynthesis.
5.Prevents the evaporation of water from the leaf.
8.The growth of a plant going towards a light source.
10.Contains air spaces to allow for the movement of water and gases in the leaf.
11.The solution of water and minerals that accumulates in the root xylem.
13.A leaf's skin.
18.Carries sugars.

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