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Antidiabetic Drugs

Audra Campbell

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2.Mealtime Insulin
8.Keeping up with this will not only make someone feel better but helps the body stay clean
12.This type of diabetes is said to be hard to control
13.Generic name for Glucophage
15.non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
17.Insulin can go into the arms, thighs, abdomen or buttocks which are called
20.Helps a diabetic to control insulin with healtheir choices of food
24.This type of insulin is used less today because of allergies
26.Stimulates unsulin release from the pancreas. Brand name for Glyburide
27.Regular Insulin, Take 30minutes prior to meal, begins to work 1-2 hours
29.This type of diabetes is said to be easy control
30.Regular Insulin, Take 30minutes prior to meal, begins to work 1-2 hours
31.Cells of the pancreas or by cellular resistance to insulin
32.More then one type of insulin
1.Major complications of diabetes mellitus
3.When you give too much or not enough insulin
4.Regular Insulin, Take 30minutes prior to meal, begins to work 1-2 hours
5.Intermediate AND long-acting Insulin color
6.Confusion, weakness, dizziness, cold and clamy skin
7.Method of terminating hypoglycemia reation (burns slower)
9.Contributes to type 2 diabetes
10.headache, increased thirst, epigastric pain, n/v, restlessness, diaphoreses, hot dry, flushed skin
11.Insulin-Dependent diabetes mellitus
14.Helps body use its own insulin better, and decrease glucose production by liver
16.Stimulates insulin release from the pancreas.
18.This is important for a diabetic to lose weight and promote a well being of oneself
19.Regular Insulin color
21.Taken once or twice a day as directed. Begins to work 20-24 hours. Allows Glucose to move from blood into cells
22.Stimulates insulin release from the pancrea. Brand name for Glyburide
23.Trade name for Glargine
25.Method of terminating hypoglycemia reation (you drink this)
28.U500 is not to be confused with this

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