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The Periodic Table

Jacqueline Ramos

1 2
    3 4
6   7     8            
  10   11 12
    13   14    
    15   16            
17                 18          

5.It is in Halogens atomic mass of 18.998
6.It is in group 14 and its atomic mass is 207.2
8.In the Alkali - Earth metals has 20 protons
9.the elements that are usually poor conductors of heat and electricity
16.atomic number 90 and it is in the Actinide series
17.the number of protons in the nucleus
19.a horizontal row of elements in the periodic table
20.a other name or group
1.a vertical column of elements in the periodic table
2.Atomic number is 58 and is in the Lanthanide series
3.an element that has properties of a metal and nonmetal
4.3 energy levels
7.total number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus
10.atomic number of 1
11.a metalloid and has the atomic number of 5
12.It is in the Noble gases group and its atomic number is 2
13.7 energy levels
14.It is in group 15 it has 7 protons
15.a metal and has a atomic number of 21
18.the elements that are good conductors of heat and electricity

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