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Safe Driving Review

Gabi Wolfe

1 2 3 4         5    
      8                   9
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    18 19    
20                       21    

4.driver's license for under 21 drivers
7.orange sign
8.what you can see ahead of you (3 Words)
10.vision used to determine the make and model of a car
12.curb indicating handicap section
13.20-30 seconds (2 Words)
14.curb indicating no parking
16.vehicle's weight shifts from side to side
17.where most accidents occur
19.way to set mirrors
20.check for broken glass, fluid leaks, body damage to the car, etc. (3 Words)
22.triangular sign
23.vehicle's weight shifts forward and backward
24.indicates a railroad crossing
1.sign for advanced warning of a No Passing Zone
2.always wear a _______
3.driving is 90% ______
4.all the space around a vehicle (3 Words)
5.align top of steering wheel with your _______
6.vision used to detect changes in color and motion
9.pinpointing the point of travel ahead of you
11.vehicle's rear tire weight shifts to one side
15.vision used to maintain vehicle position
18.chance of injury, damage, or loss
21.search, evaluate, execute in time

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