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Chapter 8 Vocabulary

Mrs. Worth

2         3           4                   5
10   11  
13                   14    

2.the maximum number of offspring that a given organism can produce
6.the relationship between two species (or individuals) in which both species (or individuals) attempt to use the same limited resource such that both are negatively affected by the relationship
8.a relationship between two organisms in which one organism benefits and the other is unaffected
9.a group of organisms of the same species that live in a specific geographical area and interbreed
12.the largest population that an environment can support at any given time
13.an interaction between two species in which one species, the predator, feeds on the other species, the prey
15.a relationship between two species in which both species benefit
1.an expression of the increase in the size of an organism or population over a given period of time
3.in ecology, the pattern of distribution of organisms in a population
4.logarithmic growth, or growth in which numbers increase by a certain factor in each successive time period
5.a particular natural resource that, when limited, determines the carrying capacity of an ecosystem for a particular species
7.the unique position occupied by a species, both in terms of its physical use of its habitat and its function within an ecological community
10.a relationship between two species in which one species, the parasite, benefits from the other species, the host, and usually harms the host
11.a relationship in which two different organisms live in close association with each other
14.the number of individuals of the same species that live in a given unit of area

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