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Drinking, Driving, and Dying

Mrs. Sharp

Links Class

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3.0.08 and over is illegal (2 Words)
5.when we choose to drink and drive we are this (starts with r) (2 Words)
11.car (2 Words)
13.it isn't good enough to say this (2 Words)
14.you go here for overnight when you get caught (2 Words)
15.driving under the influence (2 Words)
17.it is ours to make whether to drive drunk or not (2 Words)
21.you should have zero of this for drunk drivers (2 Words)
24.you loose these when you get caught (2 Words)
25.driving while intoxicated (2 Words)
27.we should take these (2 Words)
29.slogan, don't drink and drive for this (3 Words)
30.what we pay when we make wrong choices (2 Words)
32.state of being drunk (2 Words)
33.when a car goes off course and hits something (2 Words)
34.what we might cause when we choose to drink and drive (2 Words)
35.what we might save if we make the right choices (2 Words)
36.accidents are not, crashes are (2 Words)
1.what the breathalizer tests for (2 Words)
2.when we choose to drink and drive we are this (starts with s) (2 Words)
4.you go here for long term when you get caught several times (2 Words)
6.the driver who chooses not to drink and drives the others around (2 Words)
7.whom we hurt when we drink and drive (2 Words)
8.don't do this and drive (2 Words)
9.when driving under the influence we are this (2 Words)
10.what passengers are when drivers drink (2 Words)
12.what we pay when we get caught (2 Words)
16.Illegal drugs (2 Words)
18.operating a vehicle (2 Words)
19.preventable wreck (2 Words)
20.not legal (2 Words)
22.nonpreventable wreck (2 Words)
23.you get this when you are proven guilty (2 Words)
24.besides ourselves, whom we hurt when we drive drunk (2 Words)
26.a charge you get when you kill someone while driving drunk (2 Words)
28.how we feel when we do wrong or hurt someone or someone we love dies (2 Words)
31.how much tolerance you should have for drunk driving (2 Words)

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