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Beginning Golf

1 2
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4.The position of the feet at address (i.e. he played most shots from an open stance)
7.The portion of the grass between the tee box and green that is closely mowed. (short grass)
8.One stroke more than par for the hole
9.Two strokes more than par for a hole (2 Words)
13.The number of holes or strokes that a player is behind his/her opponent
15.One stroke less than par for a hole
17.A shot that is struck near the toe of the club (2 Words)
18.A temporary accumulation of water that is not meant to be played as a hazard the player did not like the first one (2 Words)
20.Two strokes less than par for the hole
1.The position in which the ball has come to rest on the ground - it can be good or bad
2.A person who carries a player’s clubs and otherwise assists him/her in play in accordance with the rules
3.A score representing a standard of excellence for a hole, allowing for 2 putts
5.One in which the face of the club points to the left of the intended line of flight (2 Words)
6.A variety of a player’s ability relative to a shooting par and is used to equalize competition between players of unequal ability
10.A sand trap
11.The position of the feet and body when a player addresses the ball
12.The long grass that borders the fairway and surrounds the green
14.A format where every player in the group hits a shot and the entire group hits from the best shot, and so on. (2 Words)
16.A bend in the fairway
19.A hole completed in one stroke

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