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Soil Vocabulary

Evan B

To study vocabulary related to soil

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1.a thick amount of grass roots and soil
3.living organisms that turns dead organisms to humus
8.the strategy of saving soil (2 Words)
9.the process of when rock, water, and soil mixed together slides quickly down a steep slope
10.the process of when rocks and soil slide slowly down a not-so-steep slope
11.the measure of how much fertilizers affect plant growth
12.the process of when rocks and soil slides quickly down a steep slope
15.a rich type of soil made of silt, clay, and sand
19.the layer where humus and is top of the soil
20.the process of moving soil by water, wind, ice, or gravity
21.the second layer of the ground
22.weathering that happens from nature to man-made stuff, like from oxidation to rust (2 Words)
1.earth material moved by erosion
2.weathering that happens from nature to nature, like from snow to mountain slopes (2 Words)
4.a process of movement of sediment downhill (2 Words)
5.the process of rock breaking down
6.the process of when a huge mass of rock stuck together slides down
7.the process of moving earth materials
13.what you walk on
14.a really big wind erosion event that destroyed the prairies in the 1930s (2 Words)
16.decomposed dead organisms
17.the fourth and the hardest on the ground
18.the first layer of the ground

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