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Earth's surface crossword

Adib Mohdnoh

1 2
3             4                
  5     6         7  
    8 9    
    11 12  
13 14   15                

3.It is layer of soil under the topsoil contains minerals and most clay
4.A measure of how well soil support plant growth.
6.The solid layer of rock under the soil.
10.Anyone of several processes (2 Words)
15.It is the removal rock.
16.A thick of mass roots and soil.
17.Deposition process in which sediment is laid down new locations
18.Mixture of humus, clay, and the other minerals that forms the crumbly
19.It is the small broken pieces of rock. (2 Words)
1.The loose, weathered material on Earth’s surface in which plant can grow.
2.It is a process that broke a rock in different weather.....
3.Earth deposit by erosion
5.The area where the great plain wind were
7.that break down rock rock through chemical weathering. (2 Words)
8.The management of soil to prevent destruction (2 Words)
9.Soil organism that breaks down the remains of organism
11.It is rich of Fertile soil that made up of about equal parts of clay
12.Is a land that slides over under the land.
13.The loose layer of dead plant
14.Dark colored organic material in soil

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