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M Bouquet

2 3       4   5
8     9            
        11           12
      14       15  
      17     18        

3.SME stands for Small & ------ Enterprises.
7.Partnerships usually have to share these equally?
9.An organisation that centers on philanthropic goals?
10.An obligation that legally binds an individual or company to settle a debt
11.Philip Green owns this Group?
13.P Of PLC
14.----- & Spencer are an exmaple of a PLC?
17.Firms that aim to break even financially are known as --- --- profit organsations? (3,3)
19.Legal entity is distinct from its owners?
1.Private Limited companies must have this after their name?
2.Commercial companies belong to this sector?
4.This business has no distinction in law between owner and the business itself.
5.Large commercial enterprise have over 5 ------- staff?
6.This company was only incorporated in 1998.
8.Where two or more business people come together to form their business?
10.L in PLC
12.This brand has taken over Google as most valuable?
13.These organisations are managed by central government.
15.This trader usually has little money for expansion?
16.C of PLC?
18.This brigade is a public sector organisation.

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