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BDI Chapter 1&2 Review


Review of chapters 1 and 2

1 2
5                         6

3.when a company takes one of its factories that is operating here and moves the factory to another country.
5.people born in 1946-1964 who are currently at the retirement age and are a large part of our population.
7.the quantity of a good/service that businesses are willing and able to provide within a range of prices that people are willing to pay.
9.to make, sell and trade around the globe.
10.person who has most of the skills and characteristics of an entrepreneur but work for a company not themselves.
11.the concious use of permanant personnel reductions in an attempt to improve efficiency and effectiveness,
12.a reward given to someone by another person
1.the total monetary value of goods and services produced in Canada in one year.
2.data about groups of people including age, ethnic orgin, religion, family size, income etc.
4.the practice of entrepreneurial skills and approaches within a company.
6.an organization that offers something for society and doesn't seek to make a profit.
8.to reduce as a workforce to an optimal size

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