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Chapter 1 + 2 Test Review


Review of digital literacy unit

1       2                 3       4
  5                     6
8                               9  
  18                         19  
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1.A business within the province (2 Words)
5.Is someone with the traits and qualities of an entrepreneur, but works for a company
8.Is a reward given to someone by another person (2 Words)
10.Internation organization (2 Words)
11.When a company takes one of its businesses and moves it to another country
13.A place where work is taking place (2 Words)
14.The ability to pick themselves up when they they fail
15.The quantity of a good/service that businesses are willing and able to provide withing a range of prices that people would be willing to pay
16.Is when you seize the time to make a need or a want available to people
18.Make, sell, trade around the globe
20.Is someone who has an idea and decides to start a business
21.When you make money
22.Local organization (2 Words)
2.Is a reward that naturally occurs as a person works on a take (2 Words)
3.A business that takes place around the globe (2 Words)
4.Have value, but are not tangible
6.To reduce a company to an optimal size
7.Is the quantity of a good/service that consumers are willing and able to buy at a particular price
9.Something you can buy and touch right away
12.When you do something for the good of the society and do not make money
17.Something that you buy, but do not have right away
19.Have value and are tangible

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