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Chapter 1&2 Review


review of chapters 1&2

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3.is the quantity of a good service that consumers are willing and able to buy at a particular price
4.make,sell, trade around the globe
5.is the quantity of a good service that businesses are willing and able to provide within a range of prices that people would be able and willing to pay
6.desire to be self directed
9.the practice of entrepreneurial skills and approaches within a company
12.GATT General agreement on tariffs and trade
13.north american free trade agreement
14.where ideas and goals are going
15.means taking some specific, but limited, function that your company was doing in-house and having another company perform that exact same function for you.
16.employees engage in special projects within a larger firm and behave as entrepreneurs even though they are employees and have the resources and capabilities of a larger firm to draw upon
1.to reduce( as a workforce) to an optimal size
2.the total monetary value of all the goods & services produced in Canada in one year
3.data about groups of people including age ethnic,orgin,religion, family size, income ect.
7.is when a company takes one of its factories thats its operating here and moves the whole factor offshore to another country
8.and organization that offers something to society and doesnt make a profit
10.is the 'conscious use of permanent personnel reductions in an attempt to improve efficiency and or effectiveness
11.urge to get better at stuff, are motivated if given a challenge

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