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BDI Chp 1 &2


  4   5                    
6                     7          

3.is the constant reduction an attempt to improve efficent and /or efficency
4.means taking somthing that your company did and giving the task to anther company to pefrom the task or fu8nction
6.giving an employee trainning , oppourtunities and education etc for doing well there fore rewarding them
8.how much consumer want or dant want a certain product
9.a non tangible product or service
1.a person who acts like entrepreneur and has most of the characteristics of one but works for company
2.to reduce a work force to the right size
3.data of people from a ethnic group ,orgin,gender ,race,income and age etc
5.a product you can see, selll and touch
7.the cost of what it takes to make a product a electric bill suplies etc

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