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Unit One Test Review

Mr. Trotochaud

1 2         3 4
5       6
    7         8      
9                   10   11  
  12       13          
18 19              
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25                 26              
  27         28

2.Material that exists because it has mass and occupies space
7."______ properties" describe the activity and/or behavior of a substance when combined with other substances
9.The relationship between a substances mass and volume
10.State of matter with no definite shape or volume
13.Propertiy that describes the amount of space an object occupies
14.Numerical representation of a measurement's reliability/quality
16.Mixture with uniform properties making individual particles indistinguishalbe
17.Mixtures that are not uniform in composition such that individual particles can be distinguished
19.A means to measure the amount of matter an object contains
20.State of matter with neither definite shape or volume BUT can be organized into other states under "normal" conditions
22.Process used to physicaly separate a mixture of liquids based on different vaporization temperatures
24.Describes how close a measurement comes to the true/expected value
25.Current standard of this measurement lies locked away in a vault in France
26.Term used to describe the material(s) that result from a Chemical reaction
27.Error that occurs without a perceivable cause or predictability
29.Simplest form of matter that contains only one type of atom
30.A collection of matter that is made up of only one type of particle
31."_____ properties" describe the appearance and/or composition of a substance
1.State of matter with no definity shape but definite volume
3.Term used to describe the material(s) that go into a Chemical reaction
4.Expresses the reliability of a measurement or conclusion
5.Factor of a measurement related to its reproducibility and size of measured increment
6.Term used to describe the organization of particles in a substance such as solid or liquid
8.An expression of equality between two measurements that allows for the changing of the representation of a measurement from one form to another
11.The "best" arrangement of a mixture where individual particles of one substance are spread out amoungst another substance
12.Process used in solving problems when dealing with measurements and their units
15.Error that occurs due to a specific reoccurring shift in measurements/observations
18.Neutrally bonded particle with a set ratio of atoms
21.Two or more elements chemically combined is a set ratio
23.State of matter with defintie shape and definite volume
28.Unit of measure based on the distance light travels in a small fraction of a second

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