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Tech - Ed Unit 1 Vocab Crossword

Jalen Serquinia

Figure out the vocab words and complete the crossword puzzle.

1 2
3                   4
      5   6            
11                 12              
      13   14              
  16 17      
18                         19
21                   22        

3.Is very helpful in life
5.The revising of the instructions
8.Some factor that restricts the scope of activity or accomplishment.
11.Laws a robot must follow (2 Words)
14.MUST coantain electricity in order to be this
15.Robots hand (2 Words)
18.The space wich a robotic arm can move (2 Words)
20.A building where certain companies make things
21.Uses water and other fluids to do this
22.The process of detecting and eliminating a device's malfunctions
23.The effect of one thing on another
1.Powers the robot (2 Words)
2.The arm like part on a robot ; grabs and moves objects
4.The upkeep of industrial facilities and equipment and/or software.
6.Someone who tests and programms your phone , tv , and game system
7.Not the one you use for xbox 360
9.The troubles and making in machinery
10.Design, construction, and operation of robots
12.Some of these are teachers in japan
13.Giving up one thing in return for another
14.Common sense
16.Operated by gas or air
17.Something you do to keep track: like a stratgey
19.A community, nation, or broad grouping of people having common traditions, institutions, and collective activities and interests

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