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VetPrep Crossword


Test your NAVLE knowledge!

1 2 3 4                
5   6                  
        7               8
9 10               11      
        12       13   14    
        15                       16  
17               18            
20                 21        
  24     25                    
26         27                          
    29         30                              
    31   32 33    
    34                                 35     36    
    37               38       39          
  42                         43 44  
47                     48                      
51       52          

4.grub worm sometimes found emerging from a hole in the skin of cattle
6.subluxation of the coxofemoral joint known as the ____________ sign
7.Trichuris, commonly known as ____________
9.cause of malignant hyperthermia in pigs
12.plague is transmitted by this insect
15.walking dandruff
17.a cat eating only dog food may be deficient in this amino acide
19.chylous effusions are high in _________
20.Dietary requirement for guinea pigs
22.causes a high potassium and low sodium (hint: not whipworm)
23.motile protozoal trophozoites on a fecal smear
25.increased intraocular pressure
26.hypertrophic cardiomyopathy may be associated with what in cats?
29.plant that causes acute renal failure in cats
30.causitive agent of caseous lymphadenitis
34.neurologic condition resulting in weakness and megaesophagus (2 words)
35.common term allergic bronchitis in the cat
37.post-partum fever and shaking; term for hypocalcemia
39.a fatty tumor
41.fluid around the outside of the lungs (2 words)
42.parasite pregnant women are concerned about
45.treatment for metronidazole toxicity
46.drug commonly used to treat congestive heart failure and pulmonary edema
47.diamond skin disease in pigs
48.a zoonotic dermatophyte that causese pruritis
49.chronic steroid use can lead to ___________ resistance
50.drug contraindicated in chelonians (turtles/tortoises)
51.disease that causes PU/PD and leads to cataracts in dogs
1.the pancreatic enzymes amylase and ___________
2.most common breed with Von Willebrand's disease
3.a mite that may be found on a deep skin scraping
4.can be caused by a pituitary or adrenal tumor
5.urethral blockage causes a life threatening elevation of this electrolyte
8.test for diabetic regulation
10.toxin that causes Heinz body anemia in cats
11.damage to this cranial nerve causes inability to blink and ear to droop
13.a non-absorbable suture material
14.a gram negative, motile, S or gull shaped rod
16.caudale skin fold test checks for this disease
18.drug used to treat atrial fibrillation in horses
21.hematologic abnormality often seen with Ehrlichia canis
24.emesis inducer
27.flagellated reproductive parasite
28.drug of choice for treating hypertension in cats
31.drug used for treatment of perianal fistulas
32.agent of Cat Scratch Fever
33.a cause of diarrhea in calves, and sometimes vet students :)
36.cause of cutaneous larval migrams
38.transient side effect of propofol
40.zoonotic disease of birds, treated with doxycycline
41.a reportable neurologic disease of pigs
43.anticoagulant rodenticide antidote
44.cause of a stiff gait and light hypersensitivity (a saw-horse stance)
52.syndrome that causes concurrent anemia and thrombocytopenia

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