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Math Crossword

Elizabeth Bennett Per. 5

1               2  
3 4                              
  5 6                         7  
8   9                              
      10           11        
14       15
16                 17                

1.terms with exactly the same variable factors in a variable expression
3.a number that cannot be written as a ratio of two integers. Irrational numbers in decimal form are nonterminating and nonrepeating
6.a real number that can be written as a quotient of two integers where the denominator is not 0. Rational numbers in decimal form are terminating or repeating
9.the counting numbers
10.the numerical factor when a term has a variable
13.for every real number a, b, and c: a(b+c)= ab + ac (b+c)a= ba + ca
16.the opposite of a number. Additive inverses sum to 0
19.a number that is either rational or irrational
20.a number that shows repeated multiplication
2.given a nonzero rational number a/b, the multiplicative inverse, or reciprocal, is b/a. The product of a nonzero number and its multiplicative inverse is 1
4.given a nonzero rational number a/b, the reciprocal, or multiplicative inverse, is b/a. The product of a nonzero number and its reciprocal is 1
5.a term that has no variable
7.a mathematical sentence that uses an equal sign
8.a mathematical sentence that compares the values of two expressions using an equality symbol
11.any example that proves a statement false
12.the distance that a number is from zero on a number line
14.substitute a given number for each variable, and then simplify
15.a symbol, usually a letter, tnat represents one or more numbers
17.whole numbers and their opposites
18.a number, variable, or the product or a quotient of a number and one or more variables

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