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King of the Hill Trivia

1 2 3
4       5           6 7   8
  10     11                      
  12         13          
      14       15 16                      
18                       19                    
            21               22
25                                 26 27   28        
29                           30        
31 32   33                     34
        36 37   38 39        
41                                   42            
43             44                           45
47               48                            
51         52          
53           54                          

4.Hank's boss
5.The Souphanusenphones' dog
9.State where Hank was born
11.The Hills' dog
12.The Hills' town
14.Last name of Bobby's principal
16.Hyundai dealership owner
17.Bill's ex-wife
18.The Hills' church
20.Hank's dad
21.What Bobby wants to be when he grows up
23.Bobby's first girlfriend
25.Where Hank works
27.Dale's "gal Friday"
29.To whom Peggy lost her virginity
30.Dale's wife
33.Hank's cousin in ZZ Top
39.Boomhauer's brother
40.Sorority that hazed Luanne and Peggy
41.Who Peggy's mom thinks Peggy should have married
42.Hank's Mexican co-worker
43.Luanne's husband
44.Peggy's boss at the real estate company
46.State where Hank's mom lives
47.Luanne's last name
48.Bobby's best friend
49.Company that manufacturers the grills Hank sells
52.The Hills' niece
53.Street where the Hill's live
54.Kahn's mentor
55.Kahn's wife
1.Hank's half-brother
2.Hank's stepmom
3.Hank's guitar
5.The Hills' paranoid neighbor
6.The Hills' reverend
7.Joseph's real father
8.State where Peggy was born
9.Arlen's Asian country club
10.The restaurant with poor seating arrangements
13.The salon where Luanne and Bill worked together
15.The Hills' womanizing neighbor
19.Bobby's school
22.Peggy's transvestite friend
24.Name of Peggy and Luanne's roller derby team
26.Arlen's largest store
28.The lowest job at Hank's work
31.The Hills' pathetic neighbor
32.Kahn's job
34.Luanne's dead boyfriend
35.Arlen's town newspaper
36.Boomhauer's first name
37.Chane's nickname for Bobby
38.Hank's black coworker
45.Board game Peggy likes to play
50.Brand of Hank's lawn mower
51.Hank's barber

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